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Frontier Education is a private Registered Training Organisation, incorporated in 2010. Frontier Education is a leading national trainer in vocational education (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma).

  • Team - Our team has many years of experience, in both operations and human resources, with large national organisations so we understand the challenges in today’s markets. Frontier Education have a team of experienced facilitators and training designers who can assist with all of your training and development needs.
  • Approach - Our approach is practical, up to date, effective and enjoyable. Our interactive workshops provide opportunities to address real life challenges – theory is just the beginning to greater understanding.
  • Courses - Frontier Education courses are of great benefit to a wide spectrum of learners including employees, those looking to get back into the workforce, school leavers and for people in supervisor and managerial positions.

Frontier Education is a signatory to the ACPET Code of Ethics. All its staff members, stakeholders and clients are inducted into the code, when they join Frontier Education. For a copy of the code please click here.

Our Vision

Be a premier training organisation offering Australian education to the world

Our Mission

Deliver outstanding service to realise the potential of learner’s and improve the quality of life through dedication and excellence

Our Values

Flexible – Adapt to the demands of our clients & industry

Respect – Be thoughtful, inclusive and open minded to all.

Opportunity - Promote equal opportunity irrespective age, race, gender or ethnicity

Neutrality – Demonstrate impartial conduct in all personal & professional actions

Tolerance – Promote personal independence & freedom of choice

Integrity – Set a high level of moral & ethical standard in all aspects of personal & business activities

Equity - Recognise and conserve the intrinsic value of cultural diversity & human rights

Reliable – Deliver the services as agreed and expected by clients & industry

CEO's Message

Frontier Education was founded in 2010 to service the ever-growing industry need for specialised corporate training to its staff in the real work place. Frontier Education has had great success within the corporate training sector providing its services to the top brands in Australia.

Frontier Education has changed its strategic direction to enter the Translating and Interpreting sector in 2019, diversifying its training scope from the corporate training to domestic and international student training. We intend to form new partnerships with domestic & international industry and strengthen our relationships with Universities to offer pathways into higher education qualifications (Bachelor Degree) in Hospitality (Operations, Food & Beverages, Commercial Cookery), Travel & Tourism, Business & qualifications that contribute to Australia’s current and future skills requirements.

At Frontier Education, we continuously strive to make our mission a reality of delivering outstanding service to realise the potential of learner’s and improve the quality of life through dedication and excellence.

We have committed ourselves to provide high quality education beyond the barriers of culture and location with comprehensive support services to our clients nationally & internationally. Our passion and mission are to add value to our clients and industry partners by matching emerging industry trends and exceeding their expectations. Our highly qualified and committed team strives to achieve excellence in the field of vocational education and I am proud to be leading this team.

Thank you for considering Frontier Education to pursue your academic or professional or business goals. We welcome you to the family and hope that we can provide you with a positive and a rewarding experience at Frontier Education.

Karen Streeter
Chief Executive Officer
Frontier Education

our Courses

Frontier Education offers nationally accredited courses to suit the individual needs of learners – including those returning to work, school-leavers and those willing to upskill in a competitive & changing world.

International Students

Application Process

Please follow the below process to enrol with Frontier Education.

• Select a course and apply online.
• Complete and submit the International Student Application Form.
• Attach course entry requirement documentation.

• FE will assess your application and advise you of your application outcome.
• Organise an interview over the Phone / Skype / through a registered FE Agent.
• Assess and review all submitted documentation.
• On successful completion of the above process an "Offer Letter" will be issued.

• Please review the "Offer Letter" thoroughly.
• Make the required payment of fees as per the "Offer Letter".
• Read, understand and sign the "Acceptance of Offer".

• An Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE) will be issued once payment is received along with the signed "Acceptance of Offer".

• Apply for a student visa along with the ECoE through the closest Australian Embassy.

Our Mission

Student Support Request Form

Personal Details
Additional Details


The student counselling service is designed to assist international students in dealing with a wide range of issues that may include - homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts, emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organising study time and any other difficulty that students may be going through. The nominated Frontier Education student services officer can provide counselling services or can recommend that the student may need to seek professional counselling assistance through a qualified and approved practitioner to help resolve the issues being experienced.



Frontier Education employs professional trainers who are there to assist you throughout your training program. The trainer can help to clarify your ideas, encourage you to meet your assessment deadlines and to learn the skills you require within your chosen study field. Your trainer will provide helpful feedback on each of your assignments. For any academic support and assistance please contact your designated trainer and/or the Academic Coordinator either by contacting the campus or by email



All students with disability are entitled to engaging learning programs and Frontier Education addresses the individual learning needs of each student. Our trainers cater for the diverse needs of students with a disability to personalise their learning journey. If we are unable to provide the required support, we will then refer the student to another professional to solve any further issues. Please contact student support services for details.


Health Insurance

International students are required to hold a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) throughout the duration of your student visa period. OSHC is insurance that provides cover for the costs of medical and hospital care. The cost of (OSHC) is in addition to your tuition fees. Health care services can be very expensive for international students in the case of any health/medical emergency.
For further details, please contact student support services at



At Frontier Education, we offer a wide range of books that the students may borrow for study and referencing purposes. Classes are collaboratively designed to encourage students to interact in group study and engage in discussion to solve problems.
Please refer to student support services for any further details.


Employment Support

Frontier Education can provide training, support and resources to ensure students have the confidence to seek employment themselves using both traditional and non-traditional approaches. Staff at Frontier Education can help you to clarify important career issues, assist you with your career decisions and provide services to support you to build your career. Please contact:


Payment Plan

At Frontier Education you may be eligible for a Payment Plan which enables you to pay your fees in monthly instalments. International students are required to pay their tuition fees by the due date as shown on their invoice. If you are unable to pay your fees by the due date and may be experiencing genuine financial hardship, it is important to contact the Accounts Officer to negotiate a revised payment plan.
All payment plans will be documented in writing within the individual Student Agreement.



Starting a new life in another country can be an exciting experience. International students may find seeking living arrangements as a difficult task. There are a range of options to consider - you can either live alone or in shared housing with other students/people. Brisbane, Cairns and Hobart have numerous accommodation providers to choose from and Frontier Education can help students access their accommodation requirements. Please contact us for further details on accommodation providers.


Here's a list of Homestay providers:

Rental Accommodation

Here's a list of Rental Accommodations providers:


Visa & Immigration

If you intend to study in Australia, you will need to apply for a Student visa. There is more information for students including genuine temporary entrant requirements, health insurance, English language requirements, financial capacity requirements and changing courses. You might be able to package your courses if you would like to study more than one course. For information about your rights and responsibilities while studying in Australia read the factsheet available at the Department of Education and Training (DET) website. Click here for Factsheet

For detailed knowledge of Visa subclasses and Immigration, please refer to Department of Home Affairs

Health Cover with Bupa

You can access a range of information on the overseas student health cover website.

The current product sheet and brochures can be downloaded here as well as multilingual brochures and additional languages coming soon.

You can also go to the members help guide where you will find information about where to find our Bupa friendly doctors and hospitals, information on how students can make a claim and what they need to do if they feel sick.

The hospital network is the largest in Australia and students are able to find members first hospitals where we will finalise the bill directly with the hospital.

All students receive the OSHC brochure in their welcome pack with their cards.

Health and Wellbeing Support - The Bupa Blue Room

The Bupa Blue Room provides information, inspiration and advice for improving health to help our members achieve holistic health and wellbeing.

Students have access to the Bupa Blue Room and we encourage all members to explore the information to help better manage their own health.

Topics include:

  • Staying Well in Australia - e.g. winter wellness, hay fever,
  • Sleep and stress
  • Alcohol
  • Exercise
  • Family Health

Visit explore more.

Bupa Plus

With myBupa, all of their members have access to a range of discounts and benefits including Bupa Optical discounts and half price movie tickets!

Go to and to see the range of benefits available to Bupa members.

National Code 2007 - View

For more information, please visit Department of Education and Training (DET) website:

The ESOS Legislative Framework - View

For more information, please visit Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) website:

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